This is a sincere appeal to the sincere people.

  • Nepali means something belongs to the Nepal. Therefore, Khas language of Nepal alone can not be called Nepali. Please stop calling Nepali for Khas language. All languages of Nepal have equal right to be called as Nepali.
  • We are Newah, please learn to address us as Newah not Newar.
  • The name of our beautiful language is NEPAL BHASA not Newari. Please stop calling it Newari.

This is a sincere appeal to the Newah people.

  • Speak your language.
  • Encourage your children, family members, relatives and friends to learn and speak Nepal Bhasa.

This is a sincere appeal to the government of Nepal.

  • Stop promoting Khas language alone.
  • Stop calling Nepali to the Khas language alone.
  • Make our language compulsory in the schools of Kathmandu valley.
  • Let our language be the official language of Nepal..


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