MATINA means “love” in Nepal Bhasa. Nepal Bhasa is the language of Newah people of Kathmandu who love therir language and culture. In the past, only Kathmandu valley was known as Nepal. Thus the language of this place came to known as Nepal Bhasa. It was an official language of Nepal until the beginning of 19th century. It has the wealth of beautiful literature. However, the rise of Shah kings and Rana oligarchy made extensive damage to the prosperity of this beautiful language by suppressing Newah people. They burnt hundreds of invaluable manuscripts, they banned the use of this language in administration, they arrested people who dared to read and write in Nepal Bhasa. Now we are in 21st century and Nepal also has adapted a so called democracy where still the original language of original people can not be used for administrative purposes.

A very absurd policy of Nepal government is that Nepal Bhasa is an optional subject in schools which can be studied instead of either Mathematics or Science.  This is a clear intention of so called democratic government to supress the indigenous people. MATINA, an international magazine is a part of movement to gain right to study and use as official laguage, protect and promote the language and culture of Newah people. It contains articles in three languages Nepal Bhasa, Khas Bhasa (so called Nepali) and English.


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