A friend in need is a friend indeed

It was in December 2012 that our co-editor Rajendra Shakya posted a heart breaking message on facebook about a deplorable situation of our scholar Chatra Bahadur Kayastha. Mr Kayastha was struggling to find expenses to look after his seriously ill wife. We posted an appeal on our facebook page to make our Newah friends aware about this and to help a lifelong devoted Newah scholar. We are really touched with the overwhelming responses from friends around the globe. We do not have enough words to appreciate our friends.

Here is the list of our friends and their contributions. Yes, a friend in need is a friend indeed.

United Kingdom



MATINA International £ 300.00
Mr Mahanta Shrestha £ 201.00
Mr  Arjun Pradhan £ 200.00
Mr  Sanyukta Shrestha £ 100.00
Mr Dhiraj Bade Shrestha £   50.00
Miss Pratistha Amatya £   50.00
Mrs  Amrita Shrestha £   50.00
Mr Manish Shrestha £   50.00
Mr  Ram Krishna Shrestha £   50.00
Mr/Mrs Shashi Manandhar £   35.00
Ms  Bhim Laxmi Shakya £   30.00
Er Bijaya Bajracharya £   25.00
Dr. Sachetan Tuladhar £   25.00
Mr Sailesh Rajkarnikar £   20.00
Ms Gyani Shova Tuladhar £   20.00
Dr Purna Raj Joshi £   20.00
Mr. ………………. Shrestha £   20.00
Mr  Devendra Shrestha £   15.00
Dr Binod Lal Amatya £   10.00
Mrs Hind Maiya Vaidhya £   10.00



Received at the call of LAHANA jyaajhwa of Ujyalo FM

Ms Padmawati Maharjan, Kilagh, Kathmandu NRs 10000.00
Bhintuna Khala (FM Listener’s Guthi) NRs   7000.00 (approx)
Mr Damodar Prasad Pradhan NRs   6000.00
Mr  Nanda Lal Maharjan, Kirtipur NRs   5000.00
Mr Hari Govinda Maharjan, Pilachhen, Lalitpur NRs   3000.00
Mr Purushottam Lal Shrestha, Kusunti, Lalitpur NRs   3000.00
Dr Mahesh Man Newah, Kathmandu NRs   3000.00
Ms Motilaxmi Shakya, Kathmandu NRs   3000.00
Ms Sylvia Razopadhyay, Gaabahaa, Lalitpur NRs   2000.00
Ms  Laxmi Shakya, Jwaagal,   Lalitpur NRs   2000.00
Ms Montessori Rajbhandari, Lalitpur NRs   2000.00
Ms Keshari NRs   2000.00
Mr Suraj Byanjankar, Lalitpur NRs   2000.00
Maanbhaaye Pucha: Lalitpur NRs   2000.00
Er Ram Chandra Amatya, Chhyabaha, Lalitpur NRs   2000.00
Mr Rajendra Shakya, Ilaachhen, Lalitpur NRs.  1650.00
Mr Gyani R Manandhar, Kathmandu NRs   1500.00
Mr Suraj Bir Bajracharya, Lalitpur NRs   1000.00
Ms Beena Shakya, Ha:khaa, Lalitpur NRs   1000.00
… Raji Bajracharya, Bhaktapur NRs   1000.00
Mr  Mohan Sundar Shrestha,   Lalitpur NRs   1000.00
Anonymous NRs     500.00


Rahena Wester € 100.00


Canada Newa Guthi NRs 102,342.00


Newah Orgnisation Of America US$ 600.00
Newah American Daboo, Chicago US$ 100.00


Guthi Australia NRs 50000.00


Mr Pushpa Munakarmi NRs 1000.00


Pasa Pucha Belgium NRs 100000.00


Mr Yam Shrestha NRs 8000.00


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